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Jessica William

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Austrian artist Xenia Hausner, Alles Walzer (Let's Dance), 1997

PEG - Profanity Embroidery Group, Whitstable, UK, a group of women who formed a group for stitching and swearing

Sheena Rose, artist from Barbados who works with hand drawn animations, paintings, drawings and performance art

Wilmette Beach, 1968 by US photographer Vivian Maier

Frances Gearhart (1869 – 1959) US printmaker and watercolourist known for her boldly drawn and coloured woodcut and linocut prints of US landscapes

Girl in Green Cap, 1943 by Laura Wheeler Waring, US painter

Peace, 2017, ballpoint pen drawings by Sudanese artist Amel Bashir

The Kung Fu Nuns of the Drukpa Order, Nepal

Hand embroidery by Rupi Pannu of the Profanity Embroidery Group (PEG), Whitstable, UK

Vietnamese artist Diem Chau carves incredibly detailed tiny animals sculptures on the lead points of pencils

When the Wind Blows My Garden is an Ocean with Waves and Surf and Whirling Things (1973) by English painter Jean Cooke

Artwork by Martha Rich, contemporary US painter and illustrator based in Philadelphia

Georgia O'keeffe, Oriental Poppies, 1928

"Spinster" denoted unmarried girls/women who spun wool. Used as a derogatory term to imply an 'unmarriable' woman. A word that included independent women who did not marry by choice and also reclaimed by women who happily rejected marriage and male partners entirely

Who Knows Tomorrow, 2019 by Aida Muluneh, Ethiopian artist and photographer

'Poppy' c.1852 by Anna Atkins, UK pioneer in botany and photography whose photographs created by cyanotype process were among the first ever to be published

Sandra Cinto, Brazilian contemporary artist, known for her sculpture, drawing, paintings, murals and installations

'Saguaro Dusk' by contemporary US Impressionist style painter Erin Hanson

'Saguaro Light' by contemporary US landscape painter Erin Hanson

Rinko Kawauchi, Japanese photographer, known for her serene, poetic style