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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

hello ヘ(=^・ω・^= )ノ updated a few details for my commissions! since people are more interested in the subbing service, so i'm more focused on that now. please DM me if you're interested!

shiishii and nowa's live parts are gone from the archive... cant be helped, probably there are copyrights issue ;;

リハが一旦終わりました!!!!! チラ見せ!!!!! マジでヤバい(語彙力消失) 🔻チケット購入はこちら🔻

ah i dont think its necessarily to master though...? in the latest cr cup uruha and putechi's points were already buffed up from d3-4 to d1-2

which will make it harder for them to team up... (´• ω •`)

nowa's points might be increased in the next cr cup even if they're still diamond :o

Perfume / EITO (Rib cover) via

(just like how the boys always did before an event... mochinoir are performers and gakkun is tasked with the report)

oo toganoir is planning on having a twitcast the night before the live!

(well not specifically 'him' but the other 2 people are iinchou and dola-sama so ww)

i want to lay down on my bed but then i could only watch 1 stream so... please win already knmc

earlier when zsr was talking about kzh being the last person to arrive at a rehearsal, kzh said someone came later than him and its not knmc, not zsr, which left 3 other people and kzh called him 'aitsu'... i think knkn's current story happened on a different day though

@ world let knmc win already