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Jessica William

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GQ TMI Interview (Felix) - he's listening to calm songs & korean music recently, heard kim bum soo’s “i miss you” on the way to the shoot - australian food he can’t live without is lamington; for korean food, shin ramen - likes "2%" (flavored water) the most from the corner store

subin wanted to give the food to chan, but sejun ate it when it was right in front of him 😂😂😂

Love to have a concept of freedom that includes the right to not get vaccinated but not the right to food and housing

me: oh a cool local event with yummy foods and nice dining areas! the event: buy our expensive tickets me:

q. what's a food from your hometown you can't live without? 🐥: there’s this sort of cake called a lamington. there are chocolate and coconut sprinkles on top, and it’s a cake-like dessert. it’s really tasty, and i'd like to eat it!

Looking at you riding in a bicycle brings back memories.. Such stamina and strength you have there,Bub!! 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️ Hope to see you do a mukbang challenge next time..Because like you,i do love foods too!

i ate some foods 😌😌

love it when minju goes (⑉⊙ȏ⊙) while eating foods <3

ok I'd actually do this if not for my parents ignoring me when i tell them not to buy food 4 me

and they was sharing food too

Slow Friday night? Here's a video of a 2week old Norway rat, named Fievel, enjoying his late-night formula. Baby rats will eat every 2 hours until they're two weeks old, where they can slowly be transitioned from formula to solid foods. 🥺🐀💕


Very excited for the food. 🤭😅😅 Saintsup TV EP 11

JOSEPHINE (JOSIE) – ▹Soother / Child Alter !! ▹Age-Slider (she can bounce between the ages of 4 years old and 20 years old) ▹She/Her ▹Human ▹Bisexual - Single ▹Likes – shopping, watching dramas, and gardening with Jayde ▹Dislikes – sour foods, and negativity

happy birthday Marine-senpai! I hope your day was filled with delicious food and sweets! One day please share your special yaoi collection with me~ 🙏

Helping me with the foods

walking with juyeon: eating chanhee’s favourite foods, acting debut with sangyeon, making jacobs favourite croffle, taking photos with younghoon, and now possibly making changmin his favourite tteokbokki 😭

food will never be seiso again

hey im going unpriv for this but if anyone could donate pls i would appreciate it!! we have no food at all and my mom doesn't get paid til monday pls share