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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

How to Whirlpool on mobile, a tweet thread tutorial

Normie girls: Impulse buying clothes + makeup Me: Impulse buying an S9 bitcoin miner

Start a side hustle today Learn how to accept sats as payment Sell goods/services at a discount Bitcoin purchasing power increases over time, remember that

If you have the technical chops to upload a selfie then you can operate an ASIC. No problem.

Tor. noKYC. Whirlpool. Stonewall. Resist.


1/ 🚨 Here's the deal with the US infrastructure bill: A new provision has been added that expands the Tax Code's definition of "broker" to capture nearly everyone in crypto, including non-custodial actors like miners, forcing them all to KYC users. This is not a drill 👇

Those now chirping about a "coordinated global regulatory attack on Bitcoin" are the same ones who have been paving that very same road with the shilling of KYC DCA and KYC satback services. Remember their names.

This scumbag will be the first to handover customer lists of his tshirt store to the IRS. As for us? He conveniently forgets about Dojo and built-in Tor, but then again that's what he's paid for: to smear. Scumbag. Fuck The Kliq.

We don't ask for your name. We don't ask for your email address. We don't ask for your ID. We don't ask for your mailing address. We don't log your IP - don't believe us? Run Tor, it's built in. We don't share XPUB info - don't believe us? Run Dojo, it is free and open source

I may have just become a whirlpool addict.

Thanks and for making self sovereignty so easy! is life!

is something we're going to hear a bunch more from crypto lobbyist/lawyers and hodler sellouts

Use a FOSS Bitcoin wallet ➡️ Use your own node ➡️ Grow a no-KYC stack ➡️ Coinjoin!

I'm going to clarify what is going on here: Brian made a (disproportional) claim about having address reuse in the spend tools. This is fixed. He doesn't like this fix because he believes he has a better solution but a pull/merge request hasn't been submitted. /1

If some people are interested in free🍺 keys (direct download for android only) create a pgp keypair, use to verify twitter handle, upload to , reply here and I'll encrypt a license key to your pgp keypair.

, saving Mankind from fiat slavery. One commit at a time.

is an enemy of bitcoin: He is no gigachad, just a statist, some evidence👇🏼

When everything finally came together :)

bip47 seems ideal for paying salaries, more convenient than an employee providing a new address every time, and using post mix is best practice for the employer so they don't disclose intimate financial information to the employee