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I am very honored to be listed among these amazing health warriors as a Top 10 Health and Wellness Influencer! Thank you!

Migraines? Recent research shows eating lots of fatty fish and cutting out polyunsaturated fats (vegetable, canola, soy, corn oils) may reduce the frequency and intensity of . Stay away from processed foods that have unhealthy oils & sugar that can trigger headaches.

Choose Wild Fish. Farmed Salmon — It contains about half the omega-3 levels of wild salmon, is often given antibiotics for infections & fed a diet of corn & soy products + feed that also may be contaminated with pesticides, chicken feathers, poultry litter, chicken fat & dyes.

Happy to have rockstar health gurus like and tell us the truth about what ails our health:

It has become increasingly evident that one of the most damaging components in the modern diet is processed vegetable oils, including soybean oil. The biological damage they cause may be even worse than that triggered by refined sugar & high-fructose corn syrup.

Your Cell Membrane is Critical to Health Example of foods for cell membrane and mitochondria health. These help determine how well your cells manage inflammation 👇 -Pastured Eggs -Bone Marrow -Wild Fish -Bright Red, Orange, Yellow, Green Veggies -Mushrooms -Cruciferous Veggies

Honored to be recognized as a top health + wellness influencer on Twitter in 2021 w/other health warriors + fellow registered dietitians

What is the main difference between folate and folic acid? Folate occurs naturally in food, while folic acid is the synthetic form found in many dietary supplements and fortified foods Folic acid is not 'active' & must be converted to an active form. Choose Folate.

Alzheimer's is becoming an epidemic just as T2D and obesity. We always assumed Alzheimer’s triggered inflammation in the brain - now we know a connection between systemic inflammation in the body & Alzheimer’s. To optimize overall health & brain health, keep inflammation low.

Improve Anxiety & Depression with Omega-3 Fat: We are starving for brain-protecting nutrients like omega-3 fats simply due to our diet. Studies show that people who take in more omega-3s have increased gray matter that control , , and . .

5 Foods to Fight Inflammation: How to use? ✨Turmeric + Black Pepper: In your food, in tea or smoothie. ✨Ginger: As tea or powder ✨Clove: Clove oil externally, clove tea internally ✨Fenugreek: Can be had as a powder or tea (or in cooking)

If losing weight & optimizing health seems daunting, just take small steps -Just choose one for now: Each Day: 👉Reduce carbohydrate intake at every meal 👉Move your body most days - any form you prefer 👉Strength train 2-4 days a week 👉Drink water 👉Eliminate fast food

“When you finally learn that a person’s behavior has more to do with their own internal struggle than you, you learn grace.” ~Allison Aars

Nutrient Deficiencies Can Cause Sugar & Carb Cravings. Ensure your intake of Magnesium, Chromium & B-Vitamins is adequate. Low levels of these 3 nutrients is a commonly overlooked reason for sugar/carb cravings. All 3 are part of blood sugar balance or metabolism.

Cravings? One of the most efficient strategies for reducing carb cravings in most people is to stop relying on carbs for energy. This can be done by lowering carb intake & increasing the intake of healthy fats. This is how you become a fat burner vs a sugar burner.

Agree 100% Being healthy takes work and effort on our part. But it is worth it. ❤️

Autophagy is your body’s natural method of detoxification. It happens when your body recycles & gets rid of old and unhealthy cells. Foods/Herbs to Help Enhance Autophagy - Cellular Detox: 1. Ginger 2. Onions 3. Green Tea 4. Rosemary 5. Curcumin 6. Resveratrol