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Jessica William

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New Header after unlocking Zenvo TSR-S! Title: From Zero to Zenvo Made by:

Overall, both phones are having a Delay issue on Himalayas (STILL), the FPS will start dropping once you are playing "Ghost Slipstream" on Multiplayer (both cameras in-game) at the start of the race, always stuck at low graphics...

J7 runs at 60fps during recording, while Y69 runs at only 30fps (when you are using "Mic" as an Internal Sound, the Audio itself will be delayed at 2-3 seconds as the result) J7 has many features on games, while Y69 only targets at recording (which is bad, honestly)

Lets Compare my Samsung J7 to Vivo Y69 J7 has only 16GB while Y69 has 32GB J7 runs smooth on low graphics (All Cameras in-game) unlike Y69 runs a bit smooth (Steady camera is only the option) J7 has Internal Audio while Y69 has no Internal Audio

playing A9 using Vivo is unstable at the same time unlike Samsung is kinda smooth on Default Graphics and risky on Higher Graphics. I think i need to play less from now cause its very unstable (15 fps)

Happy 3rd Anniversary, !

Looks like the new Car Hunt has a limit condition of 999 only. i hope they are lucky to unlock/max it on time.

Hungary, it's good to be back! 🤩 Who's ready to see some fast cars? 🖐️ 🇭🇺

last (Hungaro)ring of the bell before the holidays 🇭🇺

Seb Vettel seeing a marriage proposal at the circuit and congratulating them 🥺

Happy to be back behind the wheel 🦁 🇭🇺

Everyone's Dream. My 71st car! Take my hand, Lamborghini Huracán Evo Spyder! I will max this in the future!

HAM-MAX *go to war, take each other out* ''Lando Norris, champion of the world''

Step 1: Buy Tank Step 2: Take out 18 cars Step 3: Serve 180 second penalty Step 4: Secure Williams 1-2

The Battle of Formula 1

The best family 💚