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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

HELLO, i am ready to draw ya favs for you. 😙⭐️

it has already been 6 months since OMORI's release! wow... please enjoy this interesting wallpaper created from the top poll results during our STOP AAPI HATE! fundraiser stream! you can download the full version from the OMORI website’s updates page! ()

JAST is having a huge SUMMER SALE! Togainu no Chi -Lost Blood- is 50% off! sweet pool is 50% off! DRAMAtical Murder is 20% off!

an attempt at a tiktok to show how easy it is. literally just drag and drop for everything from the pose to the effects! (clip studio paint is the program)



the people have chosen so *catfies your * i feel like everyone expected neko boys instead but sorry it was actually beancats all along

Here is a closer look at Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin's new "dual-wielding" feature.

🔶1st ZhongXiao one-draw & one-write👹 This week's prompts are: 【 Hope 】 【 Future 】 We will hold two sprints on Saturday, June 26: ・9:00 pm - 10:00 pm JST ・9:00 pm - 10:00 pm GMT We're looking forward to everyone's submissions!

[] Kaeya and Eula compete to dance with Amber, until Kaeya proposes a dance for three. Then, when they run into Diluc, a dance for four. - Kaeya/Diluc/Eula/Amber - Rated E - 4.1K They're all bi switches thanks for coming to my FUCKING ted talk

happiest together

but i’m thinking about punish/reward for

🌈 HAPPY 2021 EVERYBODY! 🏹💕 I'm thrilled to share that my Tape is now available on Etsy & Ko-Fi; available for shipping to the USA and Canada!🌿🌯🍇💎⚔️ Links are down below :)

한번쯤 그린다는 시없키 탑승ㅋㅋ 주댕이 나오는 소리가 지구에서도 들려 키스~!!

Hello! I have preorders open for new Fire Emblem: Three Houses summer charms! Made from rainbow acrylic. PO ends 7/11. 🏖️☀️😎 Store link in thread below! (EU customers, please also read thread for instructions to purchase involving new VAT laws)

We haven't announced this yet because of the 5k, but is doing a dead fandoms event this fall! Fandom nominations are open

!!! They are In Love !!! :O