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I hear Wellington is moving to alert level 2. Did I do it right, ?

QR code scanning is laying . If you don't make a trail, we can't see where the trails may have crossed or come into close contact easily. It can be done, but it takes more time. And in that time, the more infections virus may spread. Save time, save lockdowns. Scan.

Eight further locations of interest in Wellington visited by an Australian traveller from Sydney last weekend who has tested positive for upon their return to Australia have been published on the Ministry of Health website.

A reminder to people who previously haven't been using the covid tracer app not only to start, but also to manually back-fill our app diary with everywhere you can remember visiting since Saturday.

The good news is that the likelihood of catching Covid on a bus in Wellington is incredibly low since so few actually run.

Blue is daily QR code scans, orange line is Bluetooth Tracing. Recent bump in BT is Queen's Birthday weekend, so the push notification may have helped. The periodicity in the QR code scans comes from weekday/weekend cycles. Clear downwards trend since Auckland lockdowns.

I am once again, asking you to please scan in and use NZ COVID Tracer. The best time to start using it is 14 days ago, the next best time to start using it is now.

An Australian traveller from Sydney, who visited Wellington from 19-21 June, has tested positive for COVID-19 upon their return to Australia. Based on their symptom onset and CT score it is most likely they contracted the virus in Sydney prior to their visit to New Zealand.

Also getting some errors re Polyfill being loaded twice, and complaining about Vue being run in development mode. Let me know if you need more info.

Hi - this could just be me.... but your front page doesn't appear to be working correctly in Safari on MacOS - map is not loading, and From and To text boxes behaving strangely. Seems OK in Chrome and Edge...

the room next door - Dominic Raab and Taking a Knee

Studies on kids and biking. Kids basically report feeling like adults are kind of 'gaslighting' them, providing them with lots of messaging around staying fit and ‘not sitting in front of the TV every day’ but then making walking and cycling so unsafe to do. Kids' needs matter

Why bus and bikes lanes mostly look ‘empty’

This is _not my video_, but it shows the idiocy of some drivers. Not even a cycle lane is guaranteed to be safe.

Labelling cyclists as ‘rats’ and ‘cockroaches’ is giving environmental sociologist and cycleway user Kirsty Wild deja vu.

“You’re not magnetic, you’re just sticky. Go take a shower.”

NEW: UK’s full reopening is set to be postponed by a month due to resurgence in cases — and now hospitalisations — fuelled by the Delta variant. Story Thread: first up, that core data: UK admissions, patients & ventilator bed numbers now all climbing

And this is what China, India & less rich countries in the world see. Added to which, a lot of those emissions come from manufacturing products we import and buy. This is what will be about. What chance the Paris 2015 Accord Article 6 on carbon trading? Requires C&C.