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John Doe

PHP Developer


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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

today i turn 27!!! as a bday gift you can help me launch my career as an independent artist maybe???? 🎉🎉🎉 RT costs literally 0$ & it would help me so much!!!!! i have an online store with no order limit!!!

should i become a sims streamer?

i tried painting 's DTIYS 🥺

Menudo expertise en dibujar gente con cara de loco


Damnnn Maki this looks epic

wow flipo

- Moonfall - Commission for the very kind @/zarkarrix of his stunning night elf ex-priestess and the FIRST night elf I got to paint 🎉 I was really vibing with the aesthetics in this one 😊

(OC) Forge city of the Transcendent Technocracy

sketch stage? *chef kiss* any other stage? hideous

is it valid for a dtiys to leave it as a sketch? i keep trying to paint this one but as soon i render i hate it

i know everyone says “leave comments on art it’s nice and helps the algorithm” all the time but real talk u guys have no idea how much every kind comment means to me, it’s a huge reason why i keep sharing art 🥺 don’t ever feel embarrassed to tell an artist you love their work

chicos ya es pasado mañana!!!! que se nos viene la fecha encima

yesterday i did a sketch of lavane

. Hoy podrás vivir momentos inolvidables. La primera del verano, que, además, es una , te ayudará a que todo lo que hagas se vea coronado por el éxito. Recuerda mirar al cielo y pedir un deseo...

Some lineworks I’m proud of✨

To artists trying to grow a business online - please remember that being an art freelancer and an independent creator selling their own work are two different things requiring different approaches!

GOOD NEWS! My Print store has officially reopened! 🖼️⬇️ You can find me on Society6 here ⬇️ Prints are available as regular prints, framed prints or on a canvas 💕 Society6 ships from US, EU and Aus so shipping fees are better than what I had before!