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Jessica William

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"This is a food bank now": Workers seized a McDonald’s in France

These ice creams are perfect for when you can't decide on just one dessert 🍨

210625 WEIBO UPDATE tw // food , diet , ed "the one meal you eat everyday must be exquisite🙂" 🔗

Ida Frosk, aka Ida Skivenes, a food artist from Norway, who makes and eats her own art

is out now 0545629414 to place your order and enjoy your tasty 😋 chips

Julie Lee, Los Angeles-based photographer known for her food collages

Only the most healthy and delicious food my for my baby boy Hazard 💙💗

464 days lockdown. 4 digit daily new cases. 266 committed suicide. Jobless no food. Businesses closed. Fancy watches poking fun with Maggi Mee. I don't recognise the zombie Malaysia turned into. Get outta the way Prime Minister Muhyiddin.

Thank you ate Clove for the food you sent over. Sweetness overload ka talaga!!! Love you so mucho xoxo 😽💕

Internships should at least pay R7000. Graduates need to rent, buy food, pay for transport etc.

As PM says "there's no hunger in ," UN confirms "widespread critical levels of food insecurity & malnutrition would likely slip towards catastrophic levels & looming famine if not addressed immediately" + "33,000+ kids face imminent death"

wdyt? new layout with dew x MLB and japanese foods 🍜🍥🍣🍱🍚

Head down to the Leopard to enjoy some incredible food or just a nice cold drink on the deck. Open all day, every day 🍹

100 Pounds of Rice... 2010, Japanese artist Saeri Kiritani's self-portrait sculpture made from rice, commenting on the relationship between food and ideas of ethnic identity

SRK FANs from Sillod celebrated by distributing food, masks, sanitizers and also did cake cutting! ♥️

"KNOWLEDGE IS THE FOOD OF THE SOUL" Miranelyn Palayen po from Benguet

UK Artist Prudence Staite creates artworks out of food items. A Smarties (coated chocolate confectionery) recreation of Seurat’s famous painting 'Bathers at Asnieres'

i don't eat spicy foods but i'll make an excemption with this 😍🥰 water water na lang 😂😂😂

Shopping day. £80 will cover all my favourite foods 😋 • findom •

Ohhhh!!!! What a big surprised.. Im so touched Rare Axies for these foods delivered from UK to Philippines with love 😍lol😍😍😘My heart leaped with joy and my eyes were gradually filled with tears ,i didn't expect it.Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness Bro