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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

i've just found out that ririmu has made lists of each generation of njsj jp, other njsj branches, their mamas and papas, and even a list for those who have graduated... ririmu is a good girl...

winter missed the timing for the ending fairy so she couldn’t do any pose like ningning so she was just staring like that BUT GIRL IS STILL SO PRETTY

Don’t miss the repeat of today at 12:05PM WAT Ch 322 on Dstv and 72 on Gotv. Let’s tune in! ✨

Imagine opening a space and finding your girl moaning to 10k niggas

Watch this little girl outrun all the boys on her team and score a touchdown 🏈

Cat girl ningning.

wts ur height girls ......

Stayc and oh my girl with each others album🥰 now take a selca together

the red hair girl from aespa

missed txt's performance for this but hey, yo girl's an engineer in the making now !! 🎓

*Crying for anime girls hours*

Can I just say how creative Oh My Girl was in incorporating not just the actual Lilac choreography but also dance steps from You and I, Red Shoes, Twenty Three, Palette and BBIBBI 😳🤯 On top of that, their wardrobe resembles some of IU’s most iconic outfits! 🤩

Everyone lemme introduce u this is the red hair girl from aespa, Ningning

✶ are you lost, baby girl?

Today~ Our Birthday Girl..Off Work📸🍼🍓💕 So beautiful in Pink😍😍💗 Crd. GuardUNend and NOTEtoNENE 🙏

Gilmore Girls S2:E3

HOORAY! Another Twitter Party for our Best Girl's Ganap! Tweet with us! OFFICIAL TAG: TeeRadio TalksWithBELLE

pangko • yejisu au wherein a famous social media girl named hwang yeji / yeji falls in love with a bubbly yet fragile girl named choi jisu / lia.

hey girls, want to play with me? i'm a black cat 🖤