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Plastic bottles can now be recycled to produce vanilla flavouring for food using a genetically engineered strain of E. coli bacteria. (Image: Feralbt)

younghoon laughing at sangyeons comment everytime he feeds him the food he made 💔💔💔

Caitlin Freeman, food artist and pastry chef responding to the artworks at San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art

【解禁】 2021/8/1(日) 越谷EASYGOINGS [Destruct chapter three] -ACT- HARDSHIPS END IN BLOOD HOTVOX Cailn 0.001DAY Mauerfall kokeshi END OF LIFE RUSHING AGE PAKU-TOH Downward DRASTIC BOYS sevendividedclassification FOOD:042CURRYBASE OP/ST 13:00/13:30 TICKET ¥2000+1D(¥600)

I know how much I spend on just bags and plates for my business! Come for me no wahala, but my business, hell no! My packaging per plate is almost 1,000! And I don’t charge my customer, someone that buys 1,500 food and 2,000,000 both get value n quality. That’s my promise.

Gulf's food support today make me hungry again. Btw thanks inter and thai fans for your food support today.

Many residents especially children who fled from state eastern in need of food, medical attention. They're pretty much foraging for food in forest to survive. Some local aid agencies helping but it's insufficient & terrain is rough

SRK FANs from Guwahati celebrated by cutting a cake, distributing food to the needy and feeding street dogs. 🙏🏻🖤

The food support thoo !! O M G !! Thank for that PhiBalls and LukkBalls !! All of you are surely the best naa kaa~

get me someone who makes food for me like that

We hope you fuel yourself with these healthy and delicious food ! 💕 The Gulfkeepers Team thanks everyone in the Candy family for their continued trust in Gulf Kanawut.

I don't often sub-tweet but I don't want to come at this person too hard. If a teenage girl says she likes to eat X- just nod and STFU. Not the demographic to be preaching your food ideologies to. Yes yes meat is murder and processed food is bad BUT not here not now, move along.

Probiotics Help Produce Neurotransmitters. In fact, 85% of the serotonin produced - the neurotransmitter that makes you feel happy & at ease is made not in the brain...but in the gut itself. This is why it is vital to optimize gut health (eg: prebiotic & probiotic foods)

Hello, I’m available to cook on Sunday. You can dm me to place your orders for food bowls. Thank you.

👭 + foods = happy tummy

SRK FANs from Aurangabad celebrated by distributing food packets to needy people 🌟

Trying out something is better than waiting for something to happen. Last year I started PMA FOODS with the intention of delivering homemade foods to customers. Starting with 3 products now PMA FOODS has 9 products under its banner and a few more ready to be launched.

Candy Watch&Touch Thanks to the connectivity you can also instantly control and enjoy food preparation with a simple touch, from your device thanks to the Candy simply-Fi App anytime, anywhere.

[eng subs] 完美的夏天 wh: i want to take a good vacation, get well-rested, enjoy the air conditioning, and eat delicious foods. comfortable!

i don't eat spicy foods but i'll make an excemption with this 😍🥰 water water na lang 😂😂😂